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The Service Department provides the appropriate spareparts pricelist for your harmonica.

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The Basic Toolkit for Everyday Maintenance

A compact and highly recommendable toolkit for the essential steps in harmonica maintenance.

The set is suitable for both diatonic blues harps and chromatic harmonicas and enables basic maintenance work such as adjusting reed offsets, tuning and centering reeds, exchanging faulty windsavers and maintaining the slide assembly.


If you play a lot, you're bound to eventually wear out your harmonicas.

The only possible way to prevent wear and tear on your instruments is not to play them!

  • From time to time, harmonicas need tuning and maintenance just like any other instrument. The slide package needs to be cleaned and lubricated and the windsaver valves may need replacing.

The maintenance-free harmonica doesn't exist!

  • To date, there isn't any reed material on the market which will not develop signs of fatigue and eventually break.
  • The sound is the most important thing! Prolonging the life of your instrument should never be a reason to avoid playing techniques such as powerful bending or tongue vibrato, which may eventually lead to reed breakage.
  • If reeds break, they can be replaced. This doesn't really constitute a "repair", it's a normal procedure which is comparable to changing a string on the guitar. Almost anyone can learn how to do it and it's both fun and satisfying!

The HOHNER SERVICE WORKSHOPS HARMONICA are designed to show you what a quantum leap you can make if you learn to maintain and repair your instrument yourself. Once you've got the hang of it, you will own instruments which are priceless, because they are set up to reflect your requirements as a player.

NOTE: In the following pages, HOHNER places information at your disposal which will enable you to perform the most important maintenance and repair operations on your harmonicas yourself. However, repairing and tuning harmonicas needs a light touch and a degree of craftsmanship, which needs to be acquired. We therefore recommend that you take your first steps in this area on an old instrument.

HOHNER accepts no responsibility for any consequences resulting from the use of the techniques described here.