The Hohner Guitaret


The Hohner - Guitaret can finally be heard in action at your leisure with the release of the "Guitaret - Album"!!
The Guitaret - Album was compiled and recorded by various musicians who met each other via a Guitaret Facebook Group. Every song features the Guitaret as the lead instrument.

Owners and fans of the Guitaret are welcome to join the Guitaret Facebook Group!
Interested in the album? You can find it available for free download here:
>> Download Guitaret - Album




The Guitaret was invented in 1963 by Ernst Zacharias and is an instrument with a tone similar to a plucked guitar or banjo. The simple but effective layout of the instrument allowed one to quickly learn how to play rhythm and was well suited for dance ensembles.

A special quality of the instrumet is the unique and symmetrical layout of keys which thus enabled effective chord-playing via visual charts.

For all Guitaret - Fans: Here is the product flyer and a player's guide for the guitaret!