HOHNER & Rock Science


Trossingen, DE – January 2017 – HOHNER Musikinstrumente GmbH, German tradition manufacturer of musical instruments, and Rock Science have teamed up to deliver the HOHNER Brand Pack.

Rock Science is an app that lets you explore the universe of music through intense rock trivia battles and is the only real-time, multiplayer rock trivia game available worldwide. Answering questions will let you unlock official rock star content and the chance to take part in exclusive give aways.

Hohner has manufactured instruments for more than 150 years, being part of the very making of music genres like the blues and rock ‚n‘ roll. Artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Dylan, Steven Tyler, and a certain quartet from Liverpool have all endorsed Hohner products, and for a good reason.

The question pack is designed to take players on a comprehensive journey through modern music history, from the classics to contemporary artists, who are all united under the fine craftsmanship and quality of the historic brand.

“Teaming up with HOHNER is a great way to start 2017 for Rock Science”, says Jorge Bravo, CEO and founder of Swedish company Rock Science, the makers of the first Rock´n Roll board game and app. He adds “Hohner is a brand with much history that spans across a wide range of artists and genres, with legends such as Ozzy Osbourne, Steven Tyler, Prince, and Bob Dylan playing their instruments.

Translating Hohner’s legacy into a digital game is quite a treat, and through this partnership we’re giving the fans even more to play.”

The game is available for IOS as well as Android and can be downloaded in the App Store, on Google Play or by following the QR code.