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Since 1857, HOHNER produces musical instruments like harmonicas, accordions, melodicas, recorders and guitars of the highest quality.

The German Harmonica and Accordion Museum in Trossingen, which houses the famous HOHNER collection, is quite simply unique and tells the HOHNER history like no one else.
More than 25000 different harmonicas, lovingly preserved by curator Martin  Häffner, make up the largest single collection on the world.
But the museum doesn‘t only exhibit musical instruments, it also shows rare  films, recordings, sales displays, advertising posters and much more. The  exciting story of Matthias HOHNER, his rise to fortune and the assimilation of his numerous competitors is all documented in the main museum building. Special exhibitions are shown in the new premises a short distance away in Bau V, a huge former factory building on the original HOHNER factory site.

The German Harmonica Museum in Trossingen

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