Steven De bruyn


Steven De bruyn only started to play the harmonica at the age of 21, but he immediately thought this instrument would be his “passport to the world”. More than 21 years later Steven is still blowing hard and living the dream.
With his first band EL Fish, heʼs been touring through Europe in the nineties with their eclectic approach of the blues. In 2003 he formed the heavy breathing collective The Rhythm Junks and has toured with them in China and Japan.

Steven has won a few ZAMU-awards with El Fish and was chosen as best musician in 2004 (ZAMU are awards for and from Belgian Singers and Musicians). Thatʼs quite an honour, just like the numerous co-operations heʼs been doing: Zap Mama, Little Axe, Eugene Chadbourne, Bob Brozman, the Brussels Philharmonic, Roland Van Campenhout, Dj Alfredo Tudo, Raymond van het Groenewoud and many more. Steven is not just a harmonica player. His sound is pretty unique. Heʼs got a whole arsenal of mouth organs (bass, diatonic and chromatic) and a clever use of electronic pedals to shape his sound. Sometimes you wonʼt even think itʼs a harmonica.

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