Pietro Adragna


Pietro Adragna was born in Erice (Trapani, Italy) in 1988. By the age of 6 he started to play accordion and got a positive response. Over the years, Pietro started studying the classical piano at the Conservatory of Music "A. Scontrino." Afterwards he was teached for three years by Frederic Deschamps. 

In 2010 he graduated in classical accordeon at the Conservatory of Music "Luigi Cherubin" in Florence and started at the same conservatory an upper course of classica piano and the "two-year degree" in direction Orchestra.

Pietro has already been playing concerts at numerous countries like USA, Portugal, France, Russia, Canada, Finland, China, Lithuania.

Currently he tours both solo and with various groups and projects he created e.g. "Pietro Adragna Ensemble" across the country but also internationally.

Pietro Adragna PLAYS