Alejandro Sandoval


Born (January 11th 1986) and raised in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, Alejandro Sandoval started singing and playing guitar at school under heavy punk rock influences. In 2003 he graduated from La Salle School. Alejandro started playing the harp since he discovered the blues harmonica by chance in his own house.

Alejandro kept playing randomly in local venues while going to the University. He formed local project bands such as Alzheimer, until he finally became a lawyer by majoring from the UPSA University in Santa Cruz in 2010.
The same year he joined “La 69 Blues & Rock N Roll” a band, with which he recorded “Sobreviviendo” and started touring.

During January 2011, Alejandro joined “La Maga Blues Band” a highly recognized bolivian blues band and keeps playing and touring with them ever since.
Alejandro has a very aggressive playing style, under clear influences of Jason Ricci, Paul Butterfield and Adam Gussow.

The Marine Band Crossover: It‘s so responsive it even talks me back!